Factors Influencing Saudi Construction Design Management

Michael Gbolagade Oladokun, Waleed Alshaikh


This study evaluates factors influencing Saudi construction design management. Through the use of literature review, questionnaire and interview surveys, the study identified and assessed the factors influencing design management in Saudi Arabia and suggested ways of improving the Saudi construction design management. The sample for the study was carefully selected with the use of purposive sampling technique. A total of one hundred and fifty questionnaires were administered online and of this number, fifty three respondents returned completed questionnaires. In addition, nine carefully sampled seasoned professionals were interviewed. Through the use of mean item score and content analysis for the interviews, the identified factors were assessed. The results obtained from descriptive analysis indicate that respondents ranked ‘effectiveness of communication channels and methods’ as the most important factor influencing design management in the study area. This was closely followed by ‘cultural differences’ and ‘deficient project documentations’. On ways to improve the Saudi construction design management, the respondents gave divergent views on the issue. Among the views expressed is that the government should ensure that the local consultants are well trained. The study recommends that the government should provide support for small and medium sized Saudi-based companies to integrate and collaborate with large foreign ones in order to work round the problem accruing from only foreign ones. This would further increase new innovative collaborative working. 


Design Management; Construction; Saudi

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