A Heuristics Approach for Classroom Scheduling using Genetic Algorithm Technique

Izah Rafidah Ahmad, Suliadi Firdaus Sufahani, Maselan Ali, Siti Noor Asyikin Mohd Razali


Reshuffling and arranging classroom based on the capacity of the audience, complete facilities, lecturing time and many more may lead to a complexity of classroom scheduling. While trying to enhance the efficiency in classroom planning, this paper proposes a heuristic approach for timetabling optimization. A new algorithm was produced to take care of the timetabling problem in a university. The proposed of heuristics approach will prompt a superior utilization of the accessible classroom space for a given time table of courses at the university. Genetic Algorithm through Java programming languages were used in this study and aims at reducing the conflicts and optimizes the fitness. The algorithm considered the quantity of students in each class, class time, class size, time accessibility in each class and lecturer who in charge of the classes.


Genetic Algorithm; Heuristics Approach; Timetable Scheduling

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