Three-Dimension Carrierless Amplitude Phase Modulation (3-D CAP) Performance Analysis using MATLAB Simulink

Sharifah Saon, Fatimah Athirah Razale, Abd Kadir Mahamad, Maisara Othman


To cope with a drastically global mobile data traffic grow, the advanced modulation format is required to boost the high-capacity services.  As an alternative, multi-dimensional carrierless amplitude phase (CAP) modulation is chosen as one of the modulation technique compared to the multi-carrier systems. This modulation technique is able to handle the data transmission of multiple signals over single channel simultaneously. Therefore, this article discussed a development of three-dimensional carrierless amplitude phase (3D-CAP) modulation scheme. In order to ensure the successfulness of CAP modulation simulation, the digital filters are designed by a minimum algorithm with the additional linear constraint to avoid the intersymbol interference. CAP is known as a multilevel modulation scheme which it can reach high spectral efficiency and can be generated at low cost. An interesting feature of CAP is that its signal basis can be extended to three or more dimensions. In this article, MATLAB Simulink is used as a development platform to simulate and study the performance of 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D CAP, that has been tested with data and sound input. Herewith the performance of 3D-CAP are presented; for data input, the results of EWM is - 0.048 dB, MER is 0.048 dB, and power received  is - 0.057 dB, meanwhile for sound input the results of EWM is - 0.052 dB, MER is 0.052 dB, and the power received is - 0.050 dB.


3D-CAP; EVM; MER; Power received; Data communication

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