Four Wave Mixing Signals Generation at 25 dBm High Power EDFA

Junaidi Jamaludin, Noor Azura Awang, Zahariah Zakaria


A four wave mixing (FWM) signal generation based on few mode fiber laser (FMF) has been demonstrated using a high power Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) in a linear cavity. The proposed cavity can generate the highest peaks of four wave mixing signals at wavelength of 1550 nm and 1551 nm at a given of 25 dBm input power from EDFA with output peaks power of -2.55 dBm and -6.43 dBm were generated respectively. The lowest Optical Signal to Noise Ratio (OSNR) for the peak probe was recorded at 50 dB that negates minor fluctuations in cavity. The idlers were obtained at 9.1 dB and 4.4 dB OSNR at 1549.1 nm and 1552.4 nm respectively. It is expected that this laser cavity will be an alternative platform to develop bio-sensor by utilizing nonlinear properties of photon in order to meet the increasing demand in medical study.


Four Wave Mixing; Two mode fiber ; EDFA; Bio-sensor

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