Conservation Effort of Amphibia at Taman Negara Johor Endau Rompin

Muhammad Taufik Awang, Maryati Mohamed, Norhayati Ahmad, Lili Tokiman


Taman Negara Johor Endau Rompin (TNJER) is the largest piece of protected area in the southern part of Peninsula Malaysia. The Endau part of the park, covering the size of 48,905 ha, is in the state of Johor. This study sampled a specific area of TNJER along three streams (Sungai Daah, Sungai Kawal and Sungai Semawak). Anurans were sampled along each stream using Visual Encounter Survey (VES). Twenty species were collected from this small plot of 2 ha. Using species cumulative curve, the 20 species apparently reached the asymptote Further analyses, involving nine estimators showed that chances of finding new species ranges from 20 (MMeans) to 27 (Jack 2). Based on the species cumulative curve, MMeans estimator was found to be more realistic. From a separate study to produce a checklist of anurans for TNJER based on several expeditions, carried out from several parts of TNJER and collections made from 1985 to 2015, 52 species were recorded. Samples collected from this study then forms 18% of the total fauna of anuran in Peninsula Malaysia. From this study in a relatively small area, 20 species were sampled accounting for 38% of the recorded anuran fauna in the park. Analysed the same way, the 52 species collected over 30 years did not reach an asymptote, indicating more species are to be discovered from TNJER. From the conservation point of view and on a larger area scale, considering the whole of TNJER, the species cumulative curve showed that the 52 species recorded is far from reaching the asymptote indicating that TNJER would have higher anuran diversity. Comparatively, on the same area scale, Singapore with a land size of 71,910ha recorded 30 species of anuran. Finding from this study is evident that TNJER is rich with anuran. This diversity should be maintained as TNJER is the major remaining last southernmost bastion for biodiversity conservation in Malaysia. To conserve anuran may need efforts to popularize the group such as using them as products of nature tourism as well as organizing frog camps for younger children.


Anuran; Diversity; Taman Negara Johor Endau Rompin; Conservation

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