An Improvement of Numerical Result of Crashing CPM/PERT Network

Ten Wei Peng, Mustafa Mamat, Yosza Dasril


The research introduces and develops a mathematical modeling technique with linearized Taylor’s first order expansion and solve by using the simplex method. The main objective is to minimize the pessimistic time of the activity which is lie on the critical path by investing additional amounts of money to the project. 7 different amounts of money which is $5000, $10000, $15000, $20000, $25000, $30000 and $35000 will be invest to the project, to show the increase amount of money invest in the project will tend to minimize the pessimistic time to decrease the expected time and project duration. Then at the same time, it is also reduces its variance and standard deviation. As the result of the research, it will bring to the increase of the probability or percentage of completing the project on or before the completion time. The PERT and normal distribution will display the differences between of the amounts of money that will invest to the project.

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