Porosity Study of Hybrid Silica Mesostructure in Aluminium Oxide Membrane Columnar by Cyclic Voltammetry Method

M.N. Jalil, H.M. Zaki, R.A.W. Dryfe, M.W. Anderson


Silica mesostructure has been grown within with a porous aluminium oxide membrane columnar material (hybrid-AOM). This was prepared using a sol-gel technique with Pluronic P123 triblock copolymer as the structure-directing agent and tetraethyl orthosilicate as the inorganic source. The porosity of the hybrid-AOM after ethanol extraction was calculated from the cyclic voltammetry response of a neutral probe (FcMeOH), using Randles-Sevčik equation.


Porosity Study; Hybrid Silica Mesostructure; Aluminium Oxide Membrane; Voltammetry Method

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