Development of Polyvinyl Alcohol/Chitosan Hydrogel Loaded with Fertilizer Compound: Preparation, Properties and Effect on Seed Germination

Nadirul Hasraf Mat Nayan, Mohd Syahir Anwar Hamzah, Abdussalam Al-hakimi Mohd Tahir, Amirah Anis Afina Rajali, Eva Fariska Muslih, Ruzaini Mazlan


This work reports the reinforcement of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) hydrogel with chitosan as potential superabsorbent (SAP) fertilizer. The PVA/Chitosan hydrogel was prepared using superficial freeze thawing method. Mechanical properties and swelling ratio of the SAP hydrogels were optimum at 6 wt% of chitosan loading. Morphological analysis of the PVA/Chitosan hydrogel revealed excellent crystal like structure distribution and smooth of the surface due to good compatibility between the materials. The water retention of soil containing PVA/Chitosan hydrogel was also examined. It was found that the SAP hydrogel increased the water retention soil and sand at capacity 48.21 and 48.24 % respectively after 15 days.  The influence of the SAP hydrogel on seed germination was observed using Okra seeds. The seeding has higher germination energy when the PVA/Chitosan hydrogel incorporated with the soil compared with soil without aid of SAP hydrogel. This is a good indication of the prepared SAP hydrogel for controlled release fertilizer.


Hydrogel; superabsorbent polymer; fertilizer; plant growth; seed germination

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