The Influence of Nonlinearity Properties in Generating Octave-spanning Light

Mofaq M.B. Alsaady, N.A. Awang, Z. Zakaria


An efficient system for nonlinear parameter characterization in Highly Nonlinear Fiber (HNLF) is described using four wave mixing (FWM) technique, the FWM plays an important role in enhancing the spectrum development in most cases. The Nonlinear parameters like zero-dispersion wavelength (ZDW), chromatic dispersion (CD) and the non-linear coefficient of HNLF were successfully investigated using this technique. The results of this technique have been almost identical to factory specifications. By FWM technique, a CD at 1550 nm slope is obtained from 0.007 ps.nm-2km-1, ZDW of 1531 nm and nonlinear parameters of 10.7 W-1km-1.


Four wave mixing; highly nonlinear fiber; nonlinear coefficient; zero dispersion wavelength; chromatic dispersion

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