Benchmarking Space Usage in Higher Education Institutes: Attaining Efficient Use

Shahabudin Abdullah, Hishamuddin Mohd Ali, Ibrahim Sipan


This paper proposes to benchmark the performance of space management in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The main objective of this paper is to measure the efficiency of space management for Higher Educations Institutes (HEIs) through benchmarking the space utilization for teaching and learning rooms. The data was collected through interview, questionnaire, as well as secondary sources such as books, journal, article, and previous research. This research is analyzed by using both qualitative and quantitative technique. Results from analysis show that faculties in UTM vary from 11.34% to 98.16. Furthermore, some effective space management method was listed out through analyzing space management system of these faculties and interview with the officer in-charge for each faculty. Few methods were suggested for improving space management performance in UTM, including review and evaluation on space management system; development of better space management system and staff training; lease out teaching space, and establish centralized computer rooms to replace current computer rooms.


Space Management, Higher Education Institute, Benchmarking

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