Contribution of Animals and Plants in Prospering Lives According to Al-Quran

Mikdar Rusdi, Mohd Azmi Omar


Human beings and other living beings are never separated from their dependence on animals and plants; without both, there will be no life on earth. Animals and plants benefit the well-being of human lives. On the other hand, animals and plants are created by Allah s.w.t. to safeguard the continuity of the environment, these two types of beings play an important role in the continuation of the earth’s ecosystem. The objective of this study to discover the contribution of animals and plants that are enshrined in the al Qur’an as guided by the maudhu`iy method of interpretation. The findings show that the al Qur’an as a holy book for all mankind certainly does not disregard in paying attention to animals and plants by giving names on some of the surahs of the Qur’an such as surah al-Baqarah, al-Fil, al-Tin, al-An`am, al-Naml, al-Nahl, and al-Ankabut. This study has made it clear that everything related to animals and plants in the al Qur’an can provide values that should be appreciated by human beings.

Keywords: al-Quran, animals, plants, environment


al-Quran, animals, plants, environment

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