Sikap Masyarakat Terhadap Program Kitar Semula: Kajian Kes Di Daerah Batu Pahat, Johor

Seow Ta Wee, Indera Syahrul Mat Radzuan


A recycling programme is one of the strategies implemented to avoid the risk on increasing number of domestic waste at national dumping sites. Numerous efforts and initiatives are carrying out by the government to reduce waste management cost burdened to national local authorities which yearly contributes about RM1 billion. There are many significant factors contribute to community behaviors towards this particular programmed. In general, it can be classified into two (i) behavioral factor and, (ii) community participation in recycling programmed. This research intends to understand the community behavior towards recycling programmed in the district of Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. A total of 383 respondents were selected in a random sampling within the municipality and major town in the district. The result of the study indentified that most of the respondents are not involved with recycling programmed in their locality. Therefore, the authorities should consider an integrated and holistic approach in order to reform the recycling programmed to the local context and facilitate to change the mentality among those communities.


Recycling; local authorities; community behaviours

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