The Challenges of the Fight Against Insurgency in Northeastern Nigeria

Babayo Sule, Abdulkadir Ahmed, Muhammad Aminu Yahaya, Abubakar Umar Alhaji, Kabir Isah Gambarawa


The Boko Haram insurgency in Northeastern Nigeria has been one of the most devastating phenomena in the country claiming thousands of lives and properties worth billions of Naira in the process. All the governmental efforts put in place so far failed to curb the menace as the threat of insurgency continues in some parts of Northeastern Nigeria. This work examined the major challenges that are responsible for the continuation of insurgency despite divergent measures taken by the government to address the problem. The research used both primary and secondary sources of data. The primary source is the in-depth interview conducted with some selected informants who are related with security issues involving security personnel in the Northeast, policy-makers, analysts, some repented insurgents and media men. The secondary source is the use of the existing documents such as books, reports, news and internet sources. The data obtained was discussed and analysed using thematic analytical interpretations to arrive at findings. The research discovered that, the major reasons or challenges that made insurgency defiant of all solutions in Northeastern Nigeria consists of corruption, conspiracy, inappropriate approach, lack of proper intelligence, hostility from the host communities, nature of Nigerian borders, politicisation of security issues, religious dogmatism and lack of cooperation among the security personnel. Therefore, for an effective approach towards addressing the problem of insurgency in Northeastern Nigeria, the paper recommends that a multi-dimensional approach is required such as religious censorship, intelligence, cooperation, prudence and good governance.




Insurgency; Northeastern Nigeria; Challenges; Boko Haram; Threats; Security.

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