Analysis of Concentric Split Ring Square Element for Broadband Reflectarray Antenna

S. H. Yusop, N. Misran, M. T. Islam, M. Y. Ismail


An investigation of phase variation and phase range of concentric split ring square element for broadband reflectarray antenna is presented in this paper. This is realized by exploiting the physical geometry of three element shapes namely square element, concentric ring square element and concentric split ring square element. Modifying the current distribution of basic concentric ring square element, leads to a less steep phase variation and also the bandwidth performance. An analysis of frequency response is described and analysed. The physical interpretation of the elements is also discussed. The proposed antenna element effectively covers two frequency operations (13.44 GHz and 18.36 GHz) in Ku-band range. Bandwidth broadening is achieved by introducing the ring square combination of element and the practical phase range is achieved through the use of RF 35 (thickness = 1.524 mm) as the substrate. The new concept of split initiates to a wider bandwidth (up to 67.6 %) for the antenna and can applied to any two frequency operations of Ku-band applications.


broader bandwidth; dual frequency; Ku-band; reflectarray antenna;

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