Mechanical Properties of Medium Density Fibreboard Composites Material Using Recycled Rubber and Coconut Coir

S. Mahzan, A.M. Ahmad Zaidi, M.I. Ghazali, N. Arsat, M.N. M. Hatta


Natural fibre reinforced composite has emerged as highly potential replacement for synthetic fibres. Various natural waste fibres have been adopted for various engineering applications. This paper investigates the mechanical properties of medium density fibreboard composites material fabricated using recycled rubber and coconut coir. The suitability of using recycled rubber and coconut coir as a raw material and polyurethane as a resin in the manufacturer of medium density fibreboard was also studied. The medium density fibreboards were fabricated at prescribed percentages of filler. The performance of composite was evaluated by its mechanical and physical properties. Experimental investigation indicated that the mechanical strength of medium density fibreboards such as modulus of rupture and modulus of elasticity increased with increasing board hardness. Overall, the results showed that medium density fibreboard had been produced with acceptable properties, thus providing alternatives to manufacturing and agricultures economic planning.


Coconut coir; Mechanical Properties; Medium Density Fibreboard; Recycled Rubber;

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