Effects of GFF Bands on Normal and High Strength Concrete Cylinders

J. Jayaprakash, Abdul Aziz Abdul Samad, Noridah Mohamad, K.K. Choong, M.J. Megat Azmi, H.A.B. Badorul


This paper exemplifies the effects of externally confined Glass Fibre Fabric (GFF) bands on
normal and high strength concrete cylinders. Twelve normal and high strength concrete
cylinders were cast and tested in the laboratory environment under axial compression to
failure. The experimental results show that the degree of confinement of discrete GFF
confined high strength concrete cylinders was significantly better than normal strength
concrete cylinders with GFF bands, however the ductility of GFF confined high strength
concrete cylinders was relatively less than GFF normal strength concrete. It was also found
that the application of horizontally oriented GFF bands is the most effective confining pattern
than spirally oriented GFF bands.


concrete cylinder, externally, GFF

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