Interactive Panorama VR360 for Corporate Communications: An Industrial Scenario Case Study

Zi Siang See, Mohd Sharizal Sunar, Kamarulzaman Ab Aziz, Agus Kusnayat


This case study explores interactive panorama implementation for corporate communications virtual reality 360 (VR360) application. Interactive panorama permits spherical panorama digital imagery being presented in three hundred sixty degrees visual experience instead of single angle limitation in conventional static image. The study proposes the use of interactive panorama as a corporate communications tool being considered from three experimental PEP aspects. The exploration of PEP framework seeks the suitability of implementing three key aspects of people, equipment and product for interactive panorama virtual reality 360 experience. With the developing advances of interactive panorama, it has been introduced by online social media providers as essential feature which allows individual and corporate users to post 360 content. This case study takes advantage on the actual on-going marketing experience and technical insight of a participating case company and several industrial scenario use cases. In this paper we describe interactive panorama content creation, PEP framework, a user study and directions for future work.

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