A Design of Low Power Single Axis Solar Tracking System Regardless of Motor Speed

Asmarashid Ponniran, Ammar Hashim, Ariffuddin Joret


Solar power generation had been used as a renewable energy since years ago. Residential that uses solar power as their alternative power supply will bring benefits to them. The main objective of this paper is to present development of an automatic solar tracking system whereby the system will caused solar panels will keep aligned with the Sunlight in order to maximize in harvesting solar power. The system focuses on the controller design whereby it will caused the system is able to tracks the maximum intensity of Sunlight is hit. When the intensity of Sunlight is decreasing, this system automatically changes its direction to get maximum intensity of Sunlight. LDR light detector acts as a sensor is used to trace the coordinate of the Sunlight by detecting brightness level of Sunlight. While to rotate the appropriate position of the panel, a DC-geared motor is used. The system is controlled by two relays as a DC-geared motor driver and a microcontroller as a main processor. This project is covered for a single axis and is designed for low power and residential usage applications. From the hardware testing, the system is able to track and follow the Sunlight intensity in order to get maximum solar power at the output regardless motor speed.


Solar tracking; solar tracker; microcontroller; DC motor; LDR;

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