Investigation on the Potentials of Cupola Furnace Slag in Concrete

Stephen Adeyemi Alabi, Joseph O. Afolayan


The compressive strength of the concrete designed using blast cupola furnace slag and granulated cupola slag as a coarse aggregate and partial replacement for cement was investigated. A series of experimental studies were conducted involve concrete production in two stages. The first stage comprised of normal aggregate concrete (NAC) produced with normal aggregates and 100% ordinary Portland cement (OPC). Meanwhile, the second stage involved production of concrete comprising of cupola furnace slag an aggregates with 100% ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and subsequently with 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10% cementitious replacement with granulated cupola furnace slag that had been grounded and milled to less than 75 µm diameter. The outcomes of compressive strength test conducted on the slag aggregate concrete (SAC) with and without granulated slag cementitious replacement were satisfactory compared to normal aggregate concretes (NAC).


Cupola furnace slag, compressive strength, normal aggregate concretes, slag aggregate concrete

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