Electricity Profile Study for Domestic and Commercial Sectors

Asmarashid Ponniran, Nur Azura Mamat, Ariffudin Joret


As Malaysia move towards as a developed country, it is expected that the electricity consumption in domestic and commercial sectors will increase as well as more industrials and households need. This study is to investigate the electricity profile in domestic and commercial sectors by monitoring some appropriate appliances that contribute high electricity consumption. The characteristics for every major loads are examined and the potential energy saving is compared to an efficient electrical appliances in order to obtain the effective energy consumption. Questionnaires have been used to collect respondents, appliances and equipments information. For appliances and equipments measurement data, power quality equipment has been. Samples for domestic sector involved 150 respondents from three residential classes which are high, middle and rural. While for commercial sector, 100 respondents are involved which are restaurant, hotel, workshop, and store/office. It shows, in domestic sector, refrigerator appliance consumed high electricity meanwhile in commercial sector; compressor equipment contributed high consumption in electricity. It is also indicated that by using efficient electrical appliances it can reduce the amount of electricity consumption. However, instead of using high efficient appliances, human factor also contribute significant impact on reducing electricity consumption. By integrating between human factor, high efficient appliances/equipment and government policy, the electricity consumption can be used and managed wisely. Therefore the strategies to build energy efficient society have been proposed in order to achieve efficient electricity consumption.


Electricity profile; Electricity consumption; Demand side management; Domestic sector; Commercial sector

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