Rapid Prototyping of Three-dimensional (3-D) Daubechies with Transpose-based Method for Medical Image Compression

Noor Huda Ja’afar, Afandi Ahmad, Abbes Amira


This paper presents an efficient architecture for three-dimensional (3-D) Daubechies with transpose-based method for medical image compression. Daubechies 4-tap (Daub4) and Daubechies 6-tap (Daub6) are selected with pipelined direct mapping design technique. Due to the separability property of the multi-dimensional Daubechies, the proposed architectures have been implemented using a cascade of three N-point one-dimensional (1-D) Daub4/Daub6 and two transpose memories for a 3-D volume of N*N*N suitable for real-time 3-D medical imaging applications. The architectures were synthesised using VHDL and implemented on Altera®Cyclone II (EP2C35F672C6) field programmable gate array (FPGA). An in depth evaluation in terms of area, power consumption, maximum frequency and latency are discussed in this paper.


3-D medical image compression; Daubechies; FPGA

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