Analysis and Development of the Generic Maintenance Management Process Modeling for the Preservation of Heritage School Buildings

A Z. A. Akasah, B. M. Alias


Preservation of heritage school buildings requires special maintenance management practices. A thorough understanding of the maintenance management process is essential in ensuring effective maintenance practices can be instituted. The aim of this paper was to develop a generic process model that will promote the understanding of an effective management of maintenance process for heritage school buildings. A process model for the Maintenance Management of Heritage School Buildings (MMHSB) was developed using the Integration Definition for Function Modeling (IDEF0) system through an iterative process. The initial MMHSB process model was submitted to a team of management experts from the Malaysian Ministry of Arts and Heritage and the Ministry of Education Malaysia for verifications. Based on their feedbacks the initial model was refined and a proposed model was developed. From the second verification, the feed back received formed the basis for the final model. The final model elucidates the items for the input, mechanism, control and output elements that are critical in the maintenance management of heritage school buildings. The model also redefines the existing scope of responsibilities of the Headmasters’ and Senior Assistants’ in the management of maintenance. The perceived effectiveness of the model by potential users was surveyed using a selected number of administrators from potentially recognized heritage schools. The results indicated that the process model is perceived as being helpful in clarifying the maintenance management process of heritage school buildings and is useful in changing the current reactive management practices to that of a more proactive practice. In conclusion, it is believed that the MMHSB Process Model is helpful in promoting the understanding of the maintenance management process which would lead to improve preservation practices of heritage school buildings.


heritage school buildings; maintenance management system; process modeling;

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