Geotechnical Failures Case Histories of Construction on Soft Soils, Forensic Investigations and Counter Measures in Indonesia

Paulus P. Rahardjo


Geotechnical failures of construction on soft soils frequently occur in many locations in Indonesia and several of them have been due to negligence or lack of knowledge in appropriate technology. This paper discusses geotechnical forensic investigation of some case histories and technology involved for corrective measures that are generally practiced in Indonesia and also discusses some aspects of the analytical and empirical methods of geotechnical analysis. Particular focus is placed on the case histories of failures of excavation and embankment on soft soils. Some cases have uncommon causes and become new lessons to consider in design and procedure of construction. In most cases, the paper is based on the author’s experience in the last two decades. Although this paper does not explain all types of the geotechnical failures occurrence in Indonesia, the scope of the paper highlight similar events commonly found.


geotechnical failures; forensic geotechnical investigation.

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