Study Of Phasing Distribution Characteristics Of Reflectarray Antenna Using Different Resonant Elements

M.Y. Ismail, M. F. M. Shukri


There has been much interest recently in developing reflectarray antenna due to the combination of some of the best features between the parabolic reflector and phased array antennas. This paper presents the study of the relationship between phasing distribution characteristics and the bandwidth of different resonant reflectarray elements. The gradient characteristics of different elements of patch, dipole and ring printed on a grounded dielectric substrate have been investigated at X-band frequency range using CST computer model. The preliminary simulated results generated from CST computer model demonstrate that ring elements contribute the highest reflection loss performance of 1.74 dB compared to the other two element of dipoles and patches. The attainable static linear phase range of 177o for ring elements is shown to offer a trade off between the static phase range and the bandwidth of the reflectarray elements. In measurement ring element also contribute the highest reflection loss performance of 2.95 dB compared to other two elements.


bandwidth; phasing distribution; reflectarray; reflectarray elements.

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