Study on Shear Strengthening of RC Continuous Beams with Different CFRP Wrapping Schemes


  • Noorwirdawati Ali
  • Abdul Aziz Abdul Samad
  • J. Jayaprakash
  • W.M. Iesa
  • M.B.S. Alferjani


CFRP, Continuous Beam, Shear Strengthening


This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation for enhancing the shear
capacity of reinforced concrete (RC) continuous beams using different CFRP wrapping
schemes. A total of five concrete beams were tested and various sheet configurations and
layouts were studied to determine their effects on ultimate shear strength and shear capacity of
the beams. One beam was kept as control beams, while other beams were strengthened with
externally bonded CFRP strips with four or three sides bonding and one or two layers of
CFRP strips. From the test results, it was found that all schemes were found to be effective in
enhancing the shear strength of RC beams. It was observed that the strength increases with the
number of sheet layers and four sides wrap provided the most effective strengthening for RC
continuous beam. Beam strengthened using this scheme showed 54% increase in shear
capacity as compared to the control beam. Two prediction models available in literature were
used for computing the contribution of CFRP strips and compared with the experimental


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Ali, N., Abdul Samad, A. A., Jayaprakash, J., Iesa, W., & Alferjani, M. (2011). Study on Shear Strengthening of RC Continuous Beams with Different CFRP Wrapping Schemes. International Journal of Integrated Engineering, 2(2). Retrieved from



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