An Evaluation on the Compliance to Safety Helmet Usage among Motorcyclists in Batu Pahat, Johor


  • Kamaruddin Ambak
  • H. Hashim
  • I. Yusoff
  • B. David


safety helmet use, motorcyclist, road accident, statistical analysis


This paper presents methods on how to determine the level of practice of usage of safety
helmet among motorcyclist in Batu Pahat and to identify the target group who are most likely
to violate the safety helmet law among. A questionnaire study was carried out in urban and
rural Batu Pahat. A total of 185 respondents were interviewed and the data was analyzed using
the statistics. Six variables were found to be significant at percent level (p<0.05): gender,
education level, type of safety helmet, distance of travel, riding experience and location of
travel. Practice of safety helmet usage among motorcyclist in Batu Pahat was found to be
higher for female riders, higher educated riders, full shell helmet users, travelling at a distance
of 1 km to 10 km, riders having good practice and riders in the town area. All the variables
above are contributing factors in the practice of helmet usage among motorcyclists in Batu
Pahat. Subsequently, the road safety programs and enforcement teams should be more focused
on male riders, rider with low education levels, half shell helmet riders, 10 km and below
distance, riding experience for 10 years above and rural riders based on their lower practice of
using safety helmet.


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Ambak, K., Hashim, H., Yusoff, I., & David, B. (2011). An Evaluation on the Compliance to Safety Helmet Usage among Motorcyclists in Batu Pahat, Johor. International Journal of Integrated Engineering, 2(2). Retrieved from



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